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School bus tracking


As we all know educational transportation is one of the most important societal issues to maintain the safety of our children and this costs the school more efforts and operations to ensure a quality service. From another side Parents were keen to ensure the safety of their children this force the school management to do big efforts to ensure that.


Our solution ensures real time bus tracking for all of the parents, students and administrations. The school managements can manage and distribute all registered students of buses, track the buses routes, plan the best routes daily, and the drivers can receive this routs on their applications. also the parents can track the bus location, add a new pick-up point or apologize for any day if the student will not attend.

System features

Admin Panel

Web application

Manage track buses, drivers and student applications

Route planner

Web application

Generate a daily routes for the buses depend on the available students

Bus driver app

Mobile application

Receive track, follow-up with the student attendance

Parent app

Mobile application

View his coming track and add apologize for any day or period

Student app

Mobile application

Track his student’s bus locations and accounts


  • Real time Tracking for The Bus Route And Report When The Bus Is Go Outside It’s Route or delay
  • Easy way for parent to track his children’s buses
  • Notification message to all the system users with all the actions (Pickup the student – reach the drop off location- wrong drop-off Location – student absents … Etc.)
  • Analysis and reporting for all actions.
  • Minimize the time of being waiting the bus on the road because system send the message exactly when bus reach the student Location
  • Monitor the Driver behavior
  • Easy way to submit complains

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