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Indoor people location

Indoor asset location Solution

The real time indoor asset location solution addresses many issues such as: securityperformance optimizationresource management according to schedule, and the automation of certain tasks previously performed manually, all the while ensuring a floor location.

This industrial solution can be deployed using different technologies, each one having

their own characteristics. From one technology to the other, the accuracy ranges vary

 from 10 cm to 10 m, to answer numerous needs. However, they are all based on 100%

 autonomous tags that can be coupled with access control systems available on the


Bonus: It is possible to send a visual and/or audible alert (LED and buzzer) on the mobile tags in case of danger or evacuation.


Real-time employee detection and localization per floor

Very long active tag battery life

Possibility to display employee identity

Simple infrastructure optimizes installation time



How Does indoor localization work?

After installing all system hardware, the location data reported on the IoT platform and allows you to know in real time and by floor, the position of each person.

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